Department Detail

Petroleum Analysis Laboratory

The Petroleum Analysis Laboratory represents a giant step towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the institute in producing technicians and skilled personnel required for the oil/gas and allied industries.


The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities to those found in the most refineries around the world. In addition to crude oil and gas analysis, water samples are equally analyzed.



  • Providing laboratory services for the oil and gas sector in particular and for other sectors in general.
  • Carry out relevant research particularly in the areas of oil and gas
  • Conducts environment studies like EIA, EER, PIA, etc for the oil/gas industries and other allied industries.
  • Conducts booster courses for personnel of the oil /gas industries in order to improve their proficiency on the job.


Laboratory services

The unit is equipped with modern facilities/equipment similar to those found in relevant places around the world.

The equipment in PAL satisfy the needs of ASTM and other standards procedures that are used to carry out the following analysis:

  • Complete crude assay
  • Characterization of petroleum products like PMS, AGO, DPK, for quality.
  • Analysis of environmental samples like water, air, soil for individual as well as corporate entities.
  • Air quality evaluation
  • Analysis of other special samples


  • environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • post impact assessment report (PIAR)
  • environmental monitoring/auditing (EM)
  • air quality monitoring
  • waste water treatment monitoring


(Protest DU4 distillation unit)

  • The heater is rated 1200 watt
  • It can heat to 400°C


  • It is sued as pilot for distillation of crude oil
  • It is used in determining the purity of petroleum products.


(a) closed cup (HFP 380 - Pensky martens) semi automatic flash point tester.

  • It is used in determining the flash point of light Petroleum/ Petroleum Products.

(b) open cup (HFP 386 - Cleveland) semi automatic flash point tester

  • It is used to determine flash point of heavy petroleum/ petroleum products
  • It can be used to determine fire point of petroleum product.

DEAN AND STARK - set up for ASTM D95

  • It is used to determine water in petroleum/ petroleum products.

POUR POINT TESTER(Automatic pour/cloud point tester ISLCPP5Gs) Equipment for ASTM d97 and ASTM D2500

  • It is used to determine pour point of petroleum/petroleum product.
  • It is used to determine the cloud point of petroleum product.



  • Quantitative analysis of anions, cations in environmental samples.
  • Qualitative determination of substances based on their ymax and peaks.
  • Identification of bonds in organic compound
  • Used for chemical kinetics
  • For environmental monitoring and clean-up (tracking organic pollutants in the environment detection of pesticides herbicides petroleum hydrocarbons etc)
  • For criminal forensic study (analysis of particles from a human body in order to help establish a linkage to a suspected criminal to a crime)
  • Law enforcement (detection of illegal narcotics, detection of poisons in biological specimens of suspects.)
  • Security (used as explosive detection systems)
  • Food beverage and perfume analysis
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical industries


  • Used principally to quantitatively determine presence of metals in various samples of petroleum/ petroleum products and other allied samples
  • AAS can be successfully used to analyze the concentration of well over 70 different metals in a sample.


  • For determination of vapour pressure of petroleum/petroleum products using reid method

Given below is the comprehensive list of available equipment in petroleum analysis laboratory (PAL)

1Fume cabinet
2Carbolite furnace ELF-11/14b
3Oil free compressor 25L/M
4Gum test apparatus {3 Unit}
5Stanhope seta penetrometer
6Aniline point apparatus
7Stanhope seta water bath
8Smoke point apparatus
9Seta still distillation unit
10Petrotest du4 distillation unit
11ASTM oil testing centrifuge 6-15h
12Tanson viscosity bath
13Universal saybolt viscometer
14Dma4500 density meter
15HFP386-cleveland open cup semi-automatic flash point tester.
16HFP380-Pensky martens closed cup semi automatic flash point tester
17Sulphur analyzer
18Venticel universal thermostat oven
19Ried semi automatic
20Keohler round bottom carbon
21Copper corrosion tester
22AF 650 petroleum comparator
23Ph meter-model 3520
24Flame photometer
25Dissolved oxygen meter
26Lovibondtinetometer f.
27x-ray fluorescence
28automatic pour/cloud point tester ISL CPP 5GS
29titration manager
30carbon conradson residue {4-1}
31analytical balance-satorius
32HPLC DLC-10/11
33ratory evaporator
34water distiller fistreemcyslon
35aquatron water still
36steam generator
37graphite furnance aas
38seven multi and conductivity meter
39seven go prodissolved oxygen electrode kit
40dragger x-am 5000 gas analyzer
41pac 7000 hcn
42sound level meter
43uv/visible spec ce 740
44elemental analyzer for chns and o
45agilent gc msd
46agilent lcmsd
48micro distillation unit
49refrigerant {low temp. incubator}
51pour point tester
52atm/vacuum distillation unit
53dean and startk distillation unit
54Koehler viscosity bath
55Precision universal centrifuge
56Fischer oven
57Hoehler waterbath
58AAS unicam 969

The department has ultra violet/visible and infra red spectrophotometers, liquid absorption spectrophotometers, gas and liquid chromatographs and equipment for environment testing. Each of these equipment can satisfy the needs of several ATSM procedures, which makes the laboratory ultimately capable of carrying out approximately 100 ASTM procedures.

The laboratory is capable of fractional distillation, physical and chemical properties of each fraction and testing specification of motor gasoline, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and heavy oil.