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Petroleum Training Institute Consultancy Services

Who we are?

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The Petroleum Training Institute in fulfillment of its mandate as spelt by the Federal Government in the acting establishing PTI, to train and develop human capacity for the oil and gas industry have designed courses of instruction, specifically and directly to improve the efficiency of the employees/operators of the oil and gas industry.

The courses are designed to meet the emerging challenges in the ever dynamic oil and gas industry. This year (2015) a total of 169 courses covering the entire operational areas of the industry are available and are hereby presented in this brochure for the industry and incorporate organization to benefit from

The Short/Booster course programme is committed to the success of the participants. The lecturers and instructors bring their wealth of industry experience to bear on the various courses offered by the Petroleum Training Institute.

In order to ultimately benefit from the training, all training programme are conducted in a conducive environment using the state of the art facilities in the ultra-modern conference centre complex which is similar to what is obtainable to the oil and gas industry around the globe.

Some of our facilities and summary of our major programme are as follows:

  • Conference hall with sitting capacity of 600 guest with central air-condition, spacious stage (with support IT facility) multimedia, projector, video properties, syndicates workshop and committee rooms, etc.
  • Exhibition Gallery, Guest Room/Suits, Standby 500 KVA Generator, Super market, Bar, Restaurant, etc

Other services offered by the PTI Consultancy Services Limited include:

  • Printing press: Modern colour separator Printing Press, Type-setting, designs/printing etc.
  • Petroleum Analysis Laboratory: It has ultra modern equipment, which undertakes laboratory analysis on crude oil, petroleum fraction, environmental impact assessment (EIA), waste waters and natural gas analysis and evaluation.
  • Computer Technology Centre: The Centre is packaged to engage in engineering services, management training, consultancy services, installation, maintenance of hardware, development of software and host of others.
  • Skill Acquisition Programme: The programme is designed to train Nigerian youths on specific crafts in order for them to be self employed or employers of labour

Our Aim

The aim of Consultancy Services Ltd is to support PTI in achieving its Mission statement. PTI mission is to provide competent technological human resources, through quality training, research and consultancy for the Petroleum and Allied industries. This is done through carrying out research and quality chemical analysis with emphasis on adherence to standard analytical procedures of analysis and manpower development through training

Our Skills

Our vision is to provide competent technological manpower through quality training, research, and consultancy for the petroleum and allied industries..

  • 90%
    Quality Training
  • 95%
    Competent technological Manpower
  • 90%
  • 95%
  • 90%
    State of the Art Facilities

Meet the Team

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Prof. S. E. IYUKE

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The Chief Co-ordinator, PTI Consultancy Services
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Prof. S. E. IYUKE